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Floral patterns have long been a timeless classic in vintage wallpaper designs. Ranging from simple linear and symmetric blooms to more complex artistic ornaments, floral designs offer something suitable for every aesthetic.

Vintage wallpaper can be easily found online classified ads and specialty shops, yet installing it without proper knowledge can be more complex. A wheat paste solution must be applied and pieces must be cut and butted together carefully to create the effect desired.

Mix and Match Styles

Vintage decor encompasses a wide range of styles that can be integrated, such as floral wallpaper, geometric elements and even pop art motifs. The key is keeping things simple by mixing-and-matching pieces to avoid an overwhelming or too busy appearance.

One way to incorporate vintage style is through wallpaper featuring old-timey themes. Pair this pattern with modern colors for added effect; Chasing Paper offers a beautiful hydrangea repeat that would fit well in a room featuring classic white furniture and subtle green accents, for instance.

One simple way to add vintage style is embracing blue as an accent color. This soothing hue can often be found in classic damask patterns or Shabby Chic designs, and plays an essential part in Shabby Chic styles. Blue provides both calm and warmth in equal measures; not to mention it works great with many types of furniture styles from mid-century modernist pieces through traditional.

Rustic Flooring

Wallpaper can be an ideal way to decorate walls with vintage designs, but for an alternative option you could also opt for rustic wood flooring such as sliced black hickory hardwood. This type of floor easily brings elegance and heritage into any space and works well when combined with moody colors to help create a dramatic atmosphere in any room.

Wood-look laminate flooring offers another affordable way to emulate the texture and grain of real wood floors, such as herringbone or chevron patterns. Some even come equipped with authentic saw marks and distressing for an aged appearance. Luxury vinyl flooring also provides an economical means of accomplishing similar results as traditional hardwood floors.

For an authentic vintage wallpaper experience, it is wise to hire a professional to hang it. They will use wheat paste for maximum sticking power, trim both selvage edges and any frayed areas carefully, butt them together along an edge while accounting for shrinkage – also knowing how best to protect and preserve its texture while keeping its appearance.

Organic Bedding and Linens

Vintage wallpaper is a tribute and reminder of bygone eras, triggering (or maintaining) memories while protecting a way of life, an era or personal convictions. Each vintage design holds special meaning for each of us.

Damask, floral stripe, paisley and acanthus scroll wallpaper patterns are among the classic vintage wallpaper patterns available, creating an air of stately beauty in public areas like cafes or trendy bars as well as in private residences to give an aged appearance.

Modern printing techniques have allowed for the recreation of many classic vintage wallpaper patterns that have endured for many years, such as those found on walls throughout history. These newer versions often boast additional color choices and premium product quality; plus they meet environmental and health regulations to make them an excellent choice for those interested in environmental sustainability.

Natural Materials

Vintage decor relies on natural materials, like candles and paintings made of bronze to evoke nostalgia in your living space. Flower pots add another classic element that adds charm and history.

Traditional wood flooring can add a vintage charm to your home. Easy to maintain, clean and sanitize – it will complement vintage furniture beautifully!

Rugs can add the perfect vintage touch to your home. Vintage rugs come in various styles such as Persian and trellis designs and can add texture and depth to any room in the house. Incorporating vintage-styled rugs can help unify and balance out your design scheme, and can often be found second-hand stores or online – or you could opt for new vintage-styled ones made of natural materials!


Lighting can often be overlooked when designing a home, but with vintage-inspired light fixtures it can become the focal point of a room. There are so many choices out there to help create the ideal look – chandeliers, floor lamps and wall sconces among them all can provide illumination – creating the ideal aesthetic in each space.

If you want a classic vintage aesthetic, opt for floral patterns in soft pastel colors with muted palettes. This is particularly important when adding fabrics such as curtains or upholstery into your space.

If you’re feeling intimidated by vintage wallpaper, SWC professionals suggest starting small by wallpapering just one closet door or alcove with vintage wallpaper. Alternatively, why not opt for creating a unique framed mirror gallery wall instead of traditional photographs for added interest and conversation pieces that’s easy to update as your style evolves over time?

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