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Are you looking for a customised wallpaper installation company in Singapore? If yes, your search ends here. We are a leading customised wallpaper company in Singapore and offer high-quality wallpaper with top-notched installation services.

If you aim to give a royal touch to the interior of your house, then the installation of wallpaper is a great idea. You can find a variety of customised wallpapers in Singapore at Sen Wall Coverings. After choosing wallpapers, you can install them on your wall with the help of our professional team of wallpaper installers in Singapore.

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Why Choose SWC as Your Wallpaper Specialist Singapore?

100% Customer Satisfaction:

As a leading customised wallpaper company in Singapore, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We make our customers happy by offering high-quality customised wallpapers.

Genuine Products and Pricing:

We offer genuine products with a transparent and cost-effective pricing structure. Our products are made with high-quality materials which are dustproof, oil-resistant, and water-resistant.

On-time installation:

Meeting delivery requirements is a priority for Sen Wall Coverings. We know how valuable customers' time is. Our team of expert wallpaper installers is well known for installing wallpaper at a given time.

No Hidden or Extra Charges:

Hidden charges are sneaking up on customers these days everywhere. But at Sen Wall Coverings, we do not charge anything extra to our customers rather than the final quotation.

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Benefits of Installing Customised Wallpapers in Singapore

Offers Personal Touch:

You can avail yourself of customised wallpapers as per the size of your walls. Customised wallpapers offer unique looks to your walls. With the help of custom wallpaper, businesses can add brand colour texture and personalise touch the office space.

Custom Wallpapers are Durable:

As a trusted wallpaper company in Singapore at sen wall coverings, we design custom wallpapers on durable material. Our wallpapers can last for years and always look elegant if you take proper care of them.

They will attract attention:

Custom wallpapers are durable, and they have the power to attract new people as well. If you install customised wallpapers at your store, it will attract customers' attention towards your store.

Custom wallpaper helps you to define your brand:

You can design customised wallpaper as per your logo's colours, which helps define your brand in your workspace. You can create custom wallpapers that determine the value and vision of your business.

FAQs About customised Wallpapers Installation Singapore

How can I appoint a wallpaper specialist from Singapore to install it at my home?

You can call or WhatsApp us at +65 9022 1889 or fill your inquiry through our website https://www.senwall.com.sg/contact-us.

Can I use customised wallpaper for sealing?

Yes, you install customised wallpapers both on walls and sealings. But before installing wallpaper on the sealing, you have to check that the sealing surface must be dry, clean, and smooth for hanging wallpaper.

Why choose a professional wallpaper installer in Singapore to hang wallpapers?

We recommend that our customers choose professional wallpaper installers in Singapore because it takes many months to master the perfect wallpaper installation. And if you do it by yourself, there may be chances of causing shrinkage, bubbles, and streaks on your wallpapers. And the second thing, we recommend a professional wallpaper installer. Because installing wallpaper requires various tools like seam roller, paste, and smoother, which are costly and not readily available in the hardware stores in Singapore.

What are the difficulties in the DIY installation of wallpapers?

You have to carry out the following tasks while installing wallpapers.

– Accurate measurement of the walls.
– Order the right size of wallpapers.
– Preparing and cleaning walls for the installation.
– Cutting of wallpapers in proper dimensions.
– Applying the right amount of glue.
– Hanging wallpaper on the wall while ensuring there is no bubble or shrinkage.

You may face difficulties in the above-given process while installing wallpapers by the DIY method. Because of the complexity of the installation process, it’s straightforward to make mistakes if you have no experience.