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A Flamboyant Range of Kids Room Wallpaper

Transform your kid’s room into a magical arena like a fairytale with our unique yet sublime range of kids room wallpapers. Select from a diverse theme of kids wallpapers from a story to a mysterious world of space. Our room wallpapers will create a room where kids can think beyond their imagination level and enjoy every moment spent in the room.

At Sen Wall Coverings, we are well aware of the fact that every child is special with unique abilities and choices. Considering this, we have maintained a huge inventory of a diverse range of kids room wallpaper. You can select the one based on your kids interests and give them one of the best gifts of their little journey by creating a room that they do not want to leave.

Moreover, our wallpaper for children's bedroom is made of the finest quality materials. These room wallpapers will keep enhancing the aesthetics of the room for many years to come. Above all, they can also be easily applied without making any mess. However, you need not worry about this, our wallpaper experts will do it for you without any hassles on your request.

Why You Should Apply Kids Wallpaper in Their Room?

Kids' rooms are ever-evolving spaces that reflect their growing personalities. If your little one's room walls are feeling a bit bland, consider the magic of kids room wallpaper! It's a fantastic way to transform a room and see a precious smile on the face of the little champ. Here’s what a transformation with room wallpaper for kids can do:

Spark Creativity and Imagination

Surround your child with a world of wonder. Wallpaper featuring whimsical animals, underwater scenes, or even spaces can spark their imagination and inspire them to dream big.

A Fun and Functional Focal Point

Tired of bare walls collecting crayon masterpieces?  Wallpaper creates a designated zone for artistic expression, keeping the rest of the room looking sharp. Your little one can now show his/her artistry in a much better way.

Easy to Install, Easy on the Wallet

Compared to a full-blown paint job, wallpaper offers a budget-friendly way to make a big impact. Plus, many wallpapers are designed for easy installation, making it a project you can even tackle with your child!

Removable for Growing Minds

Kids' tastes change faster than your thoughts! The beauty of wallpaper is that many types are removable. This allows you to update the room wallpaper theme as your child grows, keeping them feeling fresh and exciting. 

More Than Just Pretty

Beyond aesthetics, some wallpapers offer additional benefits.  Consider textured options that add a touch of dimension to the room, or explore wipeable wallpapers that are easy to clean up after inevitable creative explosions.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the range of options for kids room wallpaper in Singapore at Sen Wall Coverings and give wings to the imagination & creativity of your little master.

A Unique Range of Kids Room Wallpaper in Singapore

We know choosing a wallpaper is not easy, especially for your kids. They have many thoughts and likes & dislikes that it is not possible to match them all. However, we must also say that at Sen Wall Coverings, you may also find yourself in a bubble of confusion. Ha ha ha ha….! Well, don’t think that the other way. We said this because of the range of options for room wallpapers for kids we have. Yes, the designs, colour patterns, and themes are so amazing that you’ll find it difficult to choose one. However, our wallpaper experts will guide you in selecting the best one for the little love of your life and bringing the smile to his/her face that you wish to see every time.

Above all, we must also say that our kids wallpaper Singapore is fairly priced. With us, you’ll enjoy a great combination of quality and competitive pricing. Whether it is wallpaper for childrens bedroom, playrooms, or study areas, you’ll get it all at Sen Wall Covering. Best quality is our guarantee and customer satisfaction is our priority.

Contact us and get one for your little champ now!

Kids Room Wallpaper FAQs


Can I apply a room wallpaper on my own?

Yes, with proper guidance, you can apply a room wallpaper on your own. However, there are some wallpapers that require expert handling. In such cases, you need to call an expert to apply a kids room wallpaper neatly and without any hassles.

Will kids room wallpaper damage the wall?

No, wallpapers are made of special paper. They are designed to transform a room into a stunningly beautiful area. A kids room wallpaper will only spark creativity and enhance the imagination of your child. Don’t worry about the wall.

What if I want to remove the old wallpaper?

There is nothing to worry about if you wish to remove the old wallpaper. Most of our wallpapers can easily be removed without leaving anything on the wall. Well, you may need proper guidance for the effective removal of the wallpaper. Read the instructions or contact us for help.

What is the lifespan of a kids wallpaper?

Most kids wallpapers last for years. However, the lifespan of a room wallpaper depends on several factors. They may include the quality of wallpaper you’ve purchased, how well it has been applied, and the care & maintenance provided. Well, you can ask the dealer about the expected life and care instructions for kids wallpaper at the time of purchase.

Are kids room wallpapers reusable?

Some kids room wallpapers are reusable and others may not. Do check with the wallpaper company about the reusability of the wallpaper during purchase.