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Sen Wall Coverings is the leading wallpaper company in Singapore. With a core specialization in wallpapers, we also provide wall covering products in SG. As a leading wallpaper shop Singapore Sen Wall has an extensive range of 10,000+ world-class wallpaper designs from international design houses like the USA, Europe, Japan, and Korea. As leading wallpaper suppliers in Singapore, we also have on-trend and custom collections.

Why Choose Us

We offer a wide range of wallpapers.

As leading wallpaper suppliers, we offer a wide range of wallpapers, i.e., fabric, PVC, non-vinyl, paper, solid vinyl, fabric, and more. With our extensive range, we offer different types of wallpaper like formal, casual, rustic, modern, and much more.

We are a Cost-effective wallpaper shop.

We are a cost-effective Singapore wallpaper shop. With our vast range, customers can choose budget-friendly wallpapers as per their taste and requirements.

We offer high-quality products.

We only supply high-quality wallpaper products to adorn the walls of our customers' homes. Our expert and experienced team create best-in-class products to offer unparalleled and complete solutions for wallpapers in Singapore.

We offer top-notched customer support.

Our client's satisfaction is essential for us hence we offer excellent customer support. Our well-trained customer support executives are always there to answer any question related to our products.

Install With Love, Rolled With Care

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Customers Love Sen Wall Coverings

May tan
May tan
I would like to give my comments from the staff of SWC company who come to my hse service at Eunos this morning until the evening . The 2 staffs service and their attitude is very admirable and professional . They replying to your questions very knowledgeable too. Very excellent handwork installing. Keep up the good service!!!!! Regards May
Kevin Myles
Kevin Myles
Excellent service by Samantha during our wallpaper selection process. We went multiple times down to the showroom to choose wallpaper based on our IDs design and carpentry laminates. Samantha was very helpful in giving excellent recommendations which fit our ideal wallpaper. Installation was also a good experience, they sent a team of 4 people to quickly do up my entire house wallpaper within 4.5 hours. Very speedy and good work. The installation workmanship was clearly well done. After service support by Samantha also excellent. Despite already paying in full, she continued to engage us and attend to our queries of maintaining wallpaper in the unit.
CA. Shiv Kumar Khetan
CA. Shiv Kumar Khetan
Recently engaged SWC to install wall paper in our house. Ms. Samantha was coordinating from day one in recommending and selecting the designs. She is very professional and ensures that Customer gets full satisfaction for which she even goes out of the way and attends to the queries during odd hours. Very happy with SWC Product and their Team specially Ms. Samantha. Highly recommended.
Aysha Larosa
Aysha Larosa
Wow!! Omg amazing job. It’s beautiful on my wall. I m loving the wallpaper. Thank you lots for the hardwork and assistance. Perfection.Highly recommended to buyers. Congrats It’s Art.
Olivia harris
Olivia harris
Leading wallpaper supplier in Singapore
Jianhao Chin
Jianhao Chin
Highly recommend senwall as the shop to get your wallpaper, Samantha and team is very nice and helpful!
Maggie Lim
Maggie Lim
Happy with the service and quality. Would recommend.
Chor Hui Li
Chor Hui Li
They work very professional and charges is reasonable. Strongly recommended.
Winny Mulyasasmita
Winny Mulyasasmita
Samantha and team were wonderful and responsive from the start to end! - Ideation: I approached with a conceptual idea in mind for my bedroom wallpaper and she suggested a few designs that were right up my alley. It was really easy to find a design I like, I ended up doing my living room wallpaper with SWC as well (initially planned to do with another vendor) - Installation: scheduling was easy thanks to Samantha’s responsiveness. Wallpaper installation of my bedroom was beautifully done. The living room initially i had some doubts but then the touch up was amazing - Touch up: After whatsapping Samantha about a particular patch on the living room wall, she called me not long after, and managed to send back the wallpaper installers on the same day to do some touch ups. The touch up was amazingly done, like new! Overall would recommend SWC thanks to its responsiveness, range of wallpaper designs available, and responsible & masterful installers.

Benefits of Buying Wallpapers From Sen Wall Coverings (SWC)

 Long Lasting and Durable Products

We are the one-stop shop for durable and long-lasting wallpapers for your home. With a reputation for delivering amazing wallpaper designed to last a more extended period, our products can provide you with stunning wallpaper designs that withstand daily wear and tear. With Senwall coverings, you can rest assured knowing your wallpaper will last and look great for years. 

Great After-Sales Services

Excellent customer support is one of the primary advantages of choosing senwall as your wallpaper shop in Singapore. At senwall, you can rest assured that our wallpaper is of the highest quality, and each customer will receive the best service possible. Our team is knowledgeable about wallpaper and understands how to provide customers with an outstanding experience in Singapore. 

Custom designs

Senwall Coverings, a wallpaper supplier in Singapore, offers a wide variety of wallpaper with custom designs and prints, so you can make your wallpaper genuinely unique. For those looking to enhance their interior design without compromising on quality, Senwall’s wallpaper collections deliver both style and durability. With wallpaper available in various finishes, textures, colors, and sizes, there is something to suit any interior aesthetic.

We offer professional installation services

Senwall coverings offer professional home wallpaper installation services in Singapore, making it easier for homeowners to achieve their desired home look without the hassle. With our expert team of installers, We offer top-notched wallpaper installation services which help you to make your home more beautiful. 

We Offer Free Consultation 

Home and office wallpaper is a modern home décor solution, and those looking to invest in wall coverings can find extensive help and advice at Senwall Coverings. The skilled staff at our stores have gained excellent knowledge through understanding and interacting with all kinds of wallpaper products, allowing them to provide excellent recommendations that take into account the needs of the home decorator. Our experience offers best-in-class assistance, ensuring customers pick a wallpaper that best suits their home.

 A comprehensive collection of wallpapers, blinds, and Floorings

Sen Wall Coverings offers the most comprehensive collection of wallpaper. We design our wallpapers per the latest market trends to ensure you get famous and timeless styles. With a wide range of patterns, including industrial and marble textures, exotic African designs, and abstract shapes, there’s something for everyone. Our products include quality European wallpapers, Korean wallpapers, pre-glued Japanese wallpapers, vinyl floorings, versatile blinds, and more – all at an affordable price!

FAQ – Singapore Wallpaper Shop

How much does the wallpaper for a home cost in Singapore?

The cost to wallpaper a room in Singapore can vary greatly, depending on the room’s size and the wallpaper design’s complexity. Generally, wallpaper companies in Singapore charge a flat rate based on square feet. Additionally, specialty wallpaper designs such as 3D wallpapers or self-adhesive wallpaper will typically require additional charges for their application and installation. To ensure an accurate estimate for your project, it’s always best to get quotes from wallpaper companies like senwall coverings before starting any wallpaper installation job.

Can I find suitable wallpaper at an affordable cost in Singapore?

If you’re looking for wallpaper to spruce up your home but want to keep to your budget, then check out what a wallpaper shop in Singapore has to offer. As a leading wallpaper company in Singapore, we specialise in providing aesthetically pleasing and wallet-friendly wallpaper. Our wallpaper collections have something for all tastes, with an array of colors and designs ranging from classic florals to trendy geometrics. If wallpaper differs from what you had in mind, We also provide various other decorative solutions, such as wallpapers with texture and stains, fabrics, and window films. Whatever your desired look, Senwall Coverings, a wallpaper shop in Singapore, will indeed have something to suit your needs.

What are the benefits of having wallpapers for your bedrooms and homes in Singapore?

Adding wallpaper to your walls can be an easy and affordable way to upgrade the look of any room in your home instantly. With wallpaper, you have many patterns and textures to choose from that can add subtle character or significantly impact your interior style. Not only do they make spaces look great, but wallpapers are also highly durable and water resistant. A wallpaper supplier in Singapore offers wallpaper varieties that are highly durable and moisture-resistant due to their advanced coating process during manufacturing. Undoubtedly, wallpaper is much easier and cheaper to replace than repainting if you ever want to change up the decor in any room or house. Therefore, wallpaper applications allow for more flexibility regarding interior styling, making them excellent choices for residential homes in SG.

How to find the best wallpaper supplier in Singapore?

If you’re looking for a supplier of wallpaper in Singapore, start by researching the stores with good customer reviews. Compare the wallpaper collections of the supplier they carry and ask questions about pricing and installation services. All leading wallpaper suppliers have websites with galleries of wallpaper designs that you can browse to get a better idea of what is available. Consider asking for recommendations from others or searching for Singapore customer reviews online. Once you’ve narrowed your search to one or two potential wallpaper shops, you must visit the store in person before making any purchase. This will allow you to see the wallpaper materials, enquire about any necessary paperwork needed for installation, and ask any other relevant questions to ensure that the wallpaper supplier will meet your needs.