Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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Best Vinyl Floorings Singapore

Sen Wall Coverings offers the best vinyl flooring Singapore. Our client's can choose designs from our extensive range of designs. We offer luxury vinyl flooring Singapore at a reasonable cost. Our top-notched service and high-quality product range differentiate us from other luxury vinyl flooring Singapore suppliers and manufacturers. Our experienced team members are experts in installing vinyl wood flooring on time by maintaining the quality of work. Contact us by clicking on the following button and get exciting discounts on luxury vinyl wood flooring Singapore.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring For Your HomeĀ 

Choosing the right flooring for your home is very important because people notice it first when they enter the house. As trusted suppliers of luxury vinyl flooring Singapore, we believe that the flooring of every home should be clean and beautiful without affecting the budget of the house owner.


Vinyl is a long-lasting material, and it can last up to 10 years. But make sure you are purchasing best vinyl flooring Singapore.

Easily Maintainable

This is very easy to maintain. You can easily clean your vinyl flooring using mop and vinyl cleaner.

Easy to Install

Vinyl flooring is comparatively straightforward to install. But make sure the ground is level, and it should be scorched.


Our vinyl wood flooring Singapore offers an excellent replica design option for wood. And this is an affordable floor design option that looks expensive.

Why Choose Us for Vinyl Flooring Singapore

Registered Company:

Sen Wall Coverings is a reputed vinyl flooring SG. As Singapore's well-established vinyl flooring company, We have our in house installation, marketing, accounting, and sales team.

Cost :

We offer high-quality products at a reasonable cost. We always ensure that our customers get the best-in-class floorings at competitive prices. So they don't need to pay more in the long run on maintenance and replacements.


As a reputable vinyl flooring company SG we always focus on good quality. We have a team of well-experienced and well-trained workers who ensure the top-class installation of floorings in your house and office spaces.

Range of Products:

Customers can choose from 10,000+ wallpaper and flooring designs. We offer vinyl tiles, vinyl planks, and vinyl sheets of different sizes with thousands of designs.

FAQ's About Vinyl Flooring Singapore

Why is luxury vinyl flooring Singapore highly recommended?

We recommend luxury vinyl flooring Singapore because of its durability, and it comes with lots of verities and superior quality. And the flooring material is available in different planks, tiles, and sheets.

Why should I choose luxury Vinyl flooring Singapore?

There are numerous benefits of choosing luxury vinyl flooring. Some of them are as follows.

  • It's made of highly durable PVC
  • It comes with a defensive wear layer
  • That is Easy to installation
  • It's maintenance-free.

What are the drawbacks of vinyl flooring?

There are no significant drawbacks for vinyl floorings; Some minor flaws are flooring can get scratched and discoloured, and edges can curl up over the years. But you can improve the lifespan of your floorings by conducting maintenance when you see any of these issues with flooring.

What type of cleaning product should I have to avoid?

It would be best to avoid harsh detergents and solvent-based chemical cleaners.

Is vinyl sheet flooring durable?

Yes, sheet flooring is durable, and it's also easy to install. People say vinyl sheets are low quality. But those days are gone long, and modern vinyl sheets come with a durable multilayer.

Can I install vinyl floorings on the subfloor?

Yes, you can install vinyl flooring on any subfloor if the subfloor is on the level and smooth.

What types of vinyl floorings are available in the market?

Vinyl floorings are available in tiles, planks, and sheets.

What is luxury vinyl, and why should I install it over standard vinyl tiles?

Luxury vinyl is a type of premium flooring. Luxury vinyl showcases higher quality than the standard vinyl tiles. It comes with warranties and installation options that do not have standard vinyl styles.

Do I need wax to clean my vinyl sheet flooring?

No, you don't need wax. You can easily clean your sheet flooring with the help of a mop and regular floor cleaners.

How can I replace or repair my damaged vinyl tiles?

We recommend purchasing some extra tiles if you need to replace some after a few years. Follow these steps to replace damaged tiles.

  • Heat the tile using a hairdryer or heat gun until you can easily remove it.
  • Use the sharp utility to remove the tile easily.
  • Scrape the adhesive from the floor and place the new tile into position.