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Are you looking for window blinds Singapore? If your answer is yes, you have landed on the appropriate website. Sen Wall Coverings offer the best quality windows coverings in Singapore.

In recent years, we noticed that blinds are not limited to office spaces and can also be used for homes. With thousands of designs and ever-changing fashion, interior designers have started recommending window blinds for homes also.

Sen Wall Coverings has a vast range of window blinds Singapore, carefully manufactured with every detail to offer affordable products to the customers.

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Why Try For Blinds As An Alternative For Curtains?

For the more practical user, we have a variety of blinds that are easy to clean, fun and innovative. Unlike curtains that are made to look chic and cosy, window blinds have been experimented with for over a decade to produce a variety of functions to help you live smarter with the ease of use.

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Quality Over Quantity

It is pet friendly

We love our pets but it can be a hassle when it comes to cleaning up after their fur! Curtains may collect pet fur, however, blinds can be cleaned with a simple swipe.

Suitable for homes with kids

Kids can sometimes be a handful, literally. They tug on anything within reach and curtains are no exception. Curtains or drapes may rip or be hung loosely enough to unhook and fall onto your child. Make a more kid-friendly environment by opting for blinds, especially with our Cordless System that is made for Child Safety.

Easy to operate

Blinds can be rolled shut or open with a simple flick of the wrist.

Makes rooms appear cleaner and bigger

With it’s simple and flat exterior, blinds create a streamlined look that help make your room feel larger and brighter.

Innovative Functions

Our new intelligent roller blind system brings to you innovation and convenience at a glance.
Our Hold and Up (HAU) mechanism recreates the sensation of a motorized blind, without the electric motor (and the additional cost!). The blind automatically runs up as long as you hold the chain lightly, and it stops smoothly when the chain is released – providing you the convenience all at once

Be limitless in style

If there’s a particular image that you would like to reflect on your blinds, you’ve come to the right place! Sen Wall specialises in bespoke Custom Design blind system that is fully personalised to your preference and size. You may personally embed the image onto what was before a plain roll of blinds. Whether it’s the classic Marble print, Nordic mountainous look, favourite Urban scenery, or a personal picture that evokes memories of happy times – Bring your ideas to us and we’ll make that part of your ideal home.

Use Venetian Blinds Singapore Instead of Curtains

Blinds are a trading option than curtains. Curtains can look chic and cosy over time, but blinds are easy to clean and offer a more attractive look than the curtains. After over a decade of experiment, we designed Venetians blinds Singapore, which are easy to use and help to offer an elegant look for your home.

Why Choose Venetian Blinds Singapore?

Being very easy to clean is why Venetian blinds are trendy in Singapore. You can clean wipe Venetian blinds.
Venetian blinds offer a classy touch to your room with a sophisticated feel.
Venetian blinds Singapore are highly durable as compared to curtains. They are made with high-quality polymer or wood.
Blinds are less expensive than curtains because they cover only a precious part of your window. Their installation process is less complex than the curtains.

Advantages Of Windows Blinds


Pet friendly

Cleaning pet fur from curtains is a pretty hectic task. Because curtains can collect pet fur, you can clean blinds using a single wipe.

Easy to operate

You can roll or open your blinds with just a simple flick of your wrist.

Best Suites for the homes with kids

Kids can pull curtains, and they may fall on your child. You can make a more child-friendly environment by opting for Venetian blinds in Singapore.

It makes your room looks cleaner and bigger

Blinds create a streamlined look with a flat and straightforward exterior, making your room look bright and large.

You can choose from a wide variety

You can choose windows blinds in Singapore from our wide range of blinds collection. You can select the most suitable blinds for your room in terms of design and budget.

Extra control over the light

Windows blinds offer complete control over the light entering your room. You can adjust the blinds as per the amount of light you need in your room.

Types of Windows Blinds We Offer


Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds Singapore are typically PVC, Wood, or trending fabrics. Seawall coverings have thousands of designs of Venetian blinds in Singapore.

Rainbow Blinds

Rainbow blinds are also known as shadow blinds. We offer high-quality rainbow blinds, a relatively new type of blinds for the people in Singapore. you can explore the range of rainbow blinds by contacting our team.

Child Safety Blinds

We offer spring or cordless blinds for the safety of your child. These are the most preferred blinds by the parents in Singapore. These blinds are easy to operate without cords.

Custom Mural Blinds

We offer custom blinds which are designed as per the requirements of customers. You can make a fashion statement by installing custom mural blinds at your home.

FAQs About Window Blinds Singapore

Will blinds help to block the sunlight? or do I need curtains?

We offer window blinds Singapore with a blackout lining covering, which helps to block sunlight. So you don’t need to install curtains after the installation of blinds.

Do you offer windows blinds Singapore for oddly designed windows?

Yes, we offer windows blinds Singapore for all types of windows. No matter how oddly your windows are designed. We visit your home to provide measurement services professionally to provide perfect fitting blinds for your windows.

What types of blinds should I use for bathrooms?

Blinds add an exquisite and appealing look to your bathrooms. Venetian blinds, roller blinds, and vertical blinds are popular bathroom blinds. As a reputed Venetian blinds supplier in Singapore, we provide moisture and water-resistant blinds in bathrooms. The wind comes in a wide variety and colour options.

Are blinds with operating cords safe for the home with kids?

Our blinds are designed by keeping the curiosity of kids in mind. You can quickly secure your cordes with tiles to keep your cords out of the reach of your kids. You can also avail cordless blinds at sen wall coverings which are more child-friendly.

Is there any warranty available on your windows blinds product in Singapore

Yes, we offer a warranty for window blinds in Singapore. But warranty period may vary from product to product. You can contact our team to know the exact warranty period on window blinds.