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A child’s mental health and well-being is dependent on their surroundings. However, family, of course, plays an important role in the growth of their children. The place they spend most of their time- their bedroom becomes a haven for young kids. They wake up to the vibrant colors of the room’s wallpapers and it is the last thing they see before they slip into their world of dreams. Hence, you need to be extremely careful before you plan your child’s bedroom and most importantly the wallpaper. 

Good room wallpaper can be a game-changer. Kids Room Wallpaper Designs in Singapore comes in a variety of colors, designs, scenic patterns, etc which will add a spark to your kid’s room. Now you must be wondering, how you should set up your kid’s room, what themes to choose, what colors to decide on, and so on. Luckily, we are here for you to solve your queries

Benefits of using Wallpaper in your Child’s Bedroom

 Acts as an insulator: Wallpaper acts as an insulator to a room. It can reduce noise and heat transfer which helps create a comforting environment for the child

Budget-friendly: As compared to a painted wall, wallpapers are budget-friendly and easy to clean. 

Helps your child learn: Wallpapers can be used for educational purposes too. You can get alphabet, number, map map-based wallpapers which will not only add color to the room but will increase their knowledge too. 

Factors to Keep in Mind before Choosing Wallpaper

Age: Age is the most important criterion when choosing Wallpaper for Children’s Bedrooms. You must know which theme suits the age of a child. It will be entirely different for a tiny tot to a toddler or a school-going child. 

Durability: Be it kids or youngsters, always choose easy-to-clean wallpapers for a peaceful life. Choose washable or scrubbable materials so that one can clean up without ruining the wallpaper.

Easily Changeable: The best part about wallpapers, unlike painted walls, is the ease of convenience in changing them without a lot of time, effort, or money. 

External Factors: A room with natural light can make a room more beautiful with bold and bright wallpapers, while rooms with less light should have softer or lighter shades. Choose wisely.

Mix and Match: Don’t hesitate to mix and match. You can add different patterns, different combinations of colors, etc. You can also add different elements like quotes, the name of the child, or any motivation to create a unique look on the room wallpaper.

Involve your Child: While as a parent, you might think that you know what is best for your child, but they have their imagination and desire. Keep your children as part of the decision-making process, so that they are happy with the final output and look of the room. 

Distinctive designs of kids room wallpaper in Singapore

“Rare is the room that can’t benefit from some wallpaper.” —Deborah Needleman

Wallpapers are a guaranteed way to fill your child’s room with joy, color, and style. The power of wallpaper to completely transform a kid’s room and the experience of the room is understated. Here at Sen Wall Coverings, we want you to give our designs of wallpapers a chance. We have ample options for your little one in different patterns, colors, and themes to suit your choice and pocket!

Come buy yourself beautiful wallpapers now! You and your kids will be happy with our mesmerizing collection!

 FAQs Wallpaper for Children’s Bedrooms

Q. Are the materials used for wallpaper safe for children?

Yes, of course, but you should purchase wallpapers from reputed stores or a good brand only after checking that they are free from harmful chemicals and are not toxic. 

Q. Can the wallpapers be easily cleaned?

Yes, the wallpapers are extremely easy to clean, with a damp cloth too! Don’t worry about the mess or any stains, instead let your kids be free and have fun!

Q. Can the existing wallpapers be easily removed? 

Thanks to technology and innovations. Stores are providing hassle-free room wallpapers known as the peel and stick. You can do it by yourself too, but it is always better for a service person to do the job. 

Q. Do the wallpapers get easily torn?

If the kids are too harsh with the paper, it may tear, but otherwise not. It always depends on the quality of the paper and the way it has been put on the wall. So, do not panic!

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